YAM - alternative Shruthi-1 firmware

Shruthi-1 and Shruthi-XT run the same firmware.

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This sounds great. I installed it last night.

@matrix12x Thanks! :slight_smile:

YAM 0.05 is here !

The latest update includes a more logical ordering of the oscillator selection in the user interface and maintained patch compatibility (except for the expected documented changes ). Also, I’ve chosen to port the filter variations of the CZ resonance saw and pulse waveforms found in Ambika.

WARNING: this firmware is provided “as is” - update at your own risk!



I’m having problems trying to download this file using Chrome on a PC (a million curses!) Other downloads work from other websites (Muffs for example)

Any help please?

Solved - bloody Chrome!

@cnicht Glad it worked out :slight_smile:

Thank you for doing it - excellent! :o)

The zip only contains one sysex file and it is called "shruthi1_old_bootloader"
Is this right, Its only half the size of Yam 0.04 sysex


@BobSwanS That’s the sysex file for YAM 0.05, I just didn’t take the time to rename the built files as in previous zip, and the “old_bootloader” is only because I need it for one of my old Shruthi’s. It works. As for file size differences, the sysex files for all YAM versions are approximately 128kb uncompressed.

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@Bjarne Thanks for getting back to me, I will send it over and have a play :wink:

Hi, should this sysex file load onto my Shruthi XT? Or do I need to recompile with some setting changed? I’ve tried sending the sysex using C6 and the recommended setting, but with no success.

@kippertoffee As Olivier points out a few posts up there’s no special build for XT. I find that MIDI sysex transfer can be a bit finicky, and for my setup (Windows 10, old Delta Audiophile 2496, C6) it usually takes a few tries to get the whole update over (sometimes it starts over half way through).

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@Bjarne thanks! I’ll keep trying. I do have an avr programmer but. It would mean some disassembly to access the pins, which I’d prefer to avoid :slight_smile:

@kippertoffee Note that it’s the syx file you should use

ive flashed it to my xt with no problem fwiw. Try setting the timeout higher.

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nice work Bjarne! can’t wait to try it out

I’m trying to map a few parameters to faders on my midi controller, like Oscillator 1 shape. I’m not able to access all 43 waveshapes with a range of 128. What am I doing wrong here?

edit: or rather the order of shapes differs vastly from selecting on the synth itself

@jaki You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just that the internal/midi ordering of oscillator shapes is different compared to when browsing through them on the Shruthi.

For maintained backwards patch compatibility I had to add new oscillator shapes to the end of the enumerated oscillator shapes. Unfortunately this made the grouping of similar shapes impossible, e.g. you’d have to scroll all the way from the start to the end of the selection to choose between the standard saw and the new csaw. Therefore, I did a hack in the latest version of the YAM firmware so that the ordering of oscillator shapes is more logical when browsing through them on the Shruthi. However, the internal/midi numbering of the oscillator shapes still have all the new oscillator shapes in the end, so this is the inconsistency that you experience when selecting oscillator shapes via midi. I don’t think I can resolve this in any other way than breaking backwards patch compatibility, and I don’t want to do this, because of all the Shruthi patches out there.