Y-Power Cable for Monitor Speakers

Hello MI Folks

After a long time hunting I was able to buy monitor speakers that I was looking for KRK VXT4 from local auction website for a really good price :slight_smile: yeayyy,

They can be connected to wall outlet individually via cable with terminated with IEC/C13 coupler.

I would like to save a spot on my power strip so I am planing to buy one of these y-power cables

Do you think this will be a problem ? Does any of you use this type of cable to power up ?

Unless each speaker requires as much amps as an industrial air conditioner, you should be golden. I need to implement this into my studio.

@qp thanks for your reply.

While I am checking about this y cable. I saw a comment which complains about distance between y cables being short so watch out.

Haven’t you heard? You need something likes this for you monitors ! :wink:

Personally, I’m taking out a 2nd mortgage to pay for a bunch of these

We should open up a discussion which plug standard sounds better. Surely its Schuko…

These cables are 1,8 meters, so forget it. I would recommend at least 3 meters, 5 meters even better - depending on the space between your monitors. My XLR cables are 4 meters long and my desk is not really big, nor my monitors. And i guess you do not want them too tight.

Do people who buy these also get the cabling in their house and their wall sockets replaced?

The buyers of these actually have their power company replace the local power grid too.

Is there a 6 Plug Version for 5.1 Surround?

It’s a small miracle these audiophile suppliers don’t offer 100% pure artisanal stand-alone gold-plated audio grade mini indoors nuclear power plants yet…

Thats because of the thermal Noise a nuclear reaction induces into the power line - stupid ;-).
Real Audiophilists use Batteries only made from multiple times recrystallized high purity materials.

@fcd72 You sir are wrong. The thermal noise isn’t a problem as you can easily filter it out with sufficient passive pure glacier water cooling.

Batteries are for amateurs; everybody knows only a sustained nuclear reaction provides a sufficiently stable voltage to prevent level sagging.

Melting a whole galcier (you only want to use your purified glacier water once, because the thermoinic signature imprints on the waste water…) is definitely not ecological correct.
Plus the widely known fact nuclear power makes your signals more harsh and edgy…

@fcd72 You’re either an Audiophile or you’re an Environmentalist. You can’t possibly be both. I think it’s pretty clear which side you’ve chosen to be on…

@fcd72 There won’t be any edgy harshness as long as you run the reactor on unobtanium. Obviously.

I get my audio grade power from the static discharge of my cats. Kitten static is the most pure form of electricity there is. You need to run it through a gas-discharge tube filled with argon and some high-quality wool to really make things sparkle.

I cant be Enviromentalist - i drive Alfa. And i cant be Audiophile - i know the secrets of the TL074 . . .


Are we helpfull so far?

U don’t have to complain about your creepy sound
if you are using such
cheapish material.
Go for the whole,
Dubai Rock Shop,
100% gold-audio,
if you need 5 meters take 10 (5 reserve ! ).


Yes , if you are asking my self development arround several topics.

Not much for power cable

Did somebody say Derailment? :slight_smile: