XT - Won't Change Filter

I had trouble earlier http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/comment/36361
I recently was able to build and re-flash the firmware so now it starts up correctly.
I know the filter board is fine since I tested it with the original control board.

Now it seems to not change to the other filter type in the settings menu.
To describe what’s happening now:

1. Now it starts up at Cut 215 res 250 env -65 lfo -2, sound is screaming.
2. Hit S18 then S17 use the encoder to select Fil and switch to dly. I have the Yellow Magic filter.
3. Continues to scream and no delay menu appears.
4. When I hit the jam button a “![](” appears in the top right of the display.
5. Hitting S14-S18 the “)” appears on the left. Until I hit S19 in the browse menu where there is room for “!” to appear on the right.

There is something wrong with your firmware build. Maybe you can better use the v1.0 firmware Olivier posted on this forum.
And have you ssoldered the extra Arduino connector on the programmer pcb?

Thank you for the response.

It has been difficult to find built firmware around here. I’m hoping updating via midi will work now that I reflashed. Do you mean the sysex file from:

By Arduino connector do you mean the six pin connector? Yes. But I will check those solder joints and everything around it again. I had an extra one and used it to go through the board. It works really well and the pins are snug but I’ll check again. Thanks again.

Updating with the posted syx build worked! Thanks man. My XT is finally back. I also noticed I had to sign in to get the file to download.

For the record I believe I had to flash the muboot.hex to get the midi update to work. I then had to flash using midi and the official sys build linked above using C6.

I hope I don’t get the problem again. My original problem was the firmware became corrupted and I couldn’t reflash with midi. If it does happen again, I know what to do.