XT Programer + parameter' display

Do you think it would be possible with the XT Programer to ensure that when you change a parameter (on the programer), the display of Shruti shows this parameter page automatically.


Firmware mod can be found here: http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/1442/shruthi-1-firmware-programmer-mod#Item_1

I would really like to try this. If you prefer you can email me a copy at titusraindrops ( the at sign ) gmail ( the dot) com.

I will be your beta tester guinea pig.

This has already discussed and this would result in strange display glitches when several knobs are turned at the same time.

You learn on the problem Pichenettes or is it mission impossible ?

Other synths seem to do it. But then they were probably designed to do it from day one and resourced accordingly :slight_smile:

Rather than change category could it not just display the parameter being edited with its value?

If multiple knobs are turned you simply show the value of the first one turned and then don’t display the value of any other knobs for a few seconds? It seems to do this on my Novation Nova.

Obviously CPU time is severely limited as it is.

Would be cool if it were doable…

This comes out of my skills, but nothing is impossible :wink: Pichenettes
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You have misunderstood me. I’m not saying that there’s a technical limitation or bug that prevents this to be done. It’s just that you’re asking me something that has no obvious specs. If you turn filter resonance and oscillator waveform at the same time, what should the display show?

First line of LCD shows the first knob value and parameter name (name would need to be abbreviated).
Second line of the LCD shows the second knob value and parameter name?

Then if another knob is turned the line for the knob that has been idle longest gets replaced?

Someone may try to turn three knobs at once to be a nuisance of course.

Display would timeout after 1 or 2 seconds?

Should this change the current page? Should it change the active parameter for the encoder?

I’ve found that I am kind of working blindly twiddling knobs and listening more than looking. So I would be happy if the LAST knob touched caused the display to move to that page. If you move two at once maybe blank the screen out if there isn’t enough resources to flash back/forth (it would look bad anyway). Maybe just put a “(* - * )” or something until one of the knobs stops sending, then switch to the active knob page.

Anything would be better than being non-responsive. IMHO.

Or how about once the display of the value has timed out it jumps to that page. So it’s always the last released knob that causes page change?


I had not thought of that at the beginning, this is true, if multiple buttons are rotated at the same time …which is seen !
So my suggestion is that there is, in the words Punk 6581, a kind of display latency. May be an additional page in the program susceptible to show up 4 parameter at a time. (At the same time I was only two hands). Comes the problem of automation(motion sequence), but I think do not need to be visible since we have programmed the desired values.
Is it comprehensible ? :wink:

Why not simply do it like this : Split the display in 2/4 (top line bottom line, or each corner)
This way if two pot’s are tweaked the full value of both can be shown, if four are tweaked (I’d like to see you try) a abbreviation can be shown+value in each corner, like this :

| flt.1 res 120 ---- // — osc.2 mix 45 |

osc.2 mix 120 – // — flt.2 frq 2.2k

(obviously shortened so that it fits in 1x16)
(the dashes - are for formatting reasons, since the forum removes double spaces)

& 2 button style

| Filter 1 Resonance -------------- 45 |

Oscilator 2 Mix ------------------ 120

Once you stop tweaking the pot’s it simply returns to whatever was displayed before you started tweaking - This way you have a reference as to where you will end up, unlike the page jumping thing…

Your proposals make it hard to reuse the existing code, so it’ll take more time than planned. Very, very low on my priority list - I don’t even have a programmer to test it, and I am not interested in building one since this is not a product I want to actively support myself.

Well my thinking was to continue to use the existing pages so it’s not a shitload of new programming. The existing pages are fine. If you could just switch to the last active knob’s page. Either use a delay or ignore simultaneous input. Wouldn’t matter. It would still be a huge improvement.

Incidentally, I’m not sure if it is the OLED but the knob feedback is lightning fast! I had expected a lag and there is absolutely zero. The OLED values just fly as fast as I can turn the knobs.

You don’t notice the lag of LCD until you use OLED. It’s so much faster.