XT firmware

I’m planning to “upgrade” my Shruthi 4PM. Can I use the same ATMEGA on a XT motherboard ? No firmware upgrade needed here ?

Which version does it run? If it’s v1.00 or above it’ll run on an XT board.

thx Olivier,
My Shruthi is in v0,92, so I need to upgrade first

My shruthi’s firmware is in 0.97, I tried to upload 1.02 version following the manual using the Elektron’s tool. But unfortunately, it didnt work.
Is there any other “transfer” tool like C6 ?

Which settings have you used on C6? Which MIDI interface do you use?

same settings as I can see on the screenshot.
I’m using my Roland octa-capture soundcard
I need to find another midi interface to test again…

> But unfortunately, it didnt work.

What didn’t work? Did you get any errors? What exactly happened?
Did the Shruthi enter its bootloader mode as expected?
Did the LEDs show any sign of progress?

“Did the Shruthi enter its bootloader mode as expected?” Yes
"Did the LEDs show any sign of progress?" No

Last time this happened to me I just set MIDI in to 0 (‘all channels’) - that did the trick.
(see the ‘Master tune and MIDI settings’ section of the manual: change ‘chn’ to 0)

eelco: that must have been a coincidence. The firmware update is done by the bootloader, a separate program running on a separate section of the chip, completely oblivious to the other functions of the synth (in particular, the bootloader doesn’t read any setting).

Ah, OK - just restarting the Shruthi must have done the trick for me, or something odd on the Macbook side …

OK, so… I was loading the midi file in C6 and not the syx file
my two shruthis are now up to date !
thx all