XT and 4PM: loose contact somewhere, please help me debug

Hi all,

I have a 4PM filter board attached to a Shruthi XT, that unfortunately has developed a loose contact somewhere. But I don’t know where and find it very hard to debug. If I switch the filter type to SMR, I get proper sound (but of course none of the features), but when I switch to 4PM, there is almost no sound at all except for a very quiet gate noise… until I wiggle on the connector a bit.

Any idea how I might go about systematically debugging things? I have already re-soldered all of the solder joints, that didn’t help.

Have you cut the pins too short on the connector?

If the SMR4 works without a problem, that would mean that the pins of the connector J4 are most likely okay. You will have to look for the problem at the J6 connector.

Just to close this thread… sorry for not replying, and thanks for your help. I didn’t have a lot of time recently but managed to beep just about everything through that had something to do with J6. Turned out to be a cold solder joint. :frowning:

Oh well, everything works now. Thank you, guys!