Xt acrylic case

hi has anyone got the svg or eps files for the shruthi xt case without the aluminium faceplate available.


Check out the git repositories xt branch. I’m not sure it’s exactly what you are looking for. They saved everything there including the hw files: https://github.com/pichenettes/shruthi-1/tree/xt

cant seem to find it


this is just the faceplate, i really wanted the rest of the enclosure if its about


Don’t think that the rest is available at the moment.

ok cheers thought it was just me

You could ask fcd72 … It’s probably his design. But sometimes his files scale a bit differently for other people.

tried PM fcd72 but no reply.
Its the grey semi-opaque plexiglas part i am after if anyone has any ideas. i.e.

The plexiglas elements of the case can be easily engraved or swapped for other colors – preserving the spirit of customization and modding of the classic Shruthi.


If you’re in to modding and designing it shouldn’t be to hard to design a case starting from the PCB files.

Im still behind answering eMails after holidays….


aaaah many thanks will get cracking

This page is not existent any more. Are these files somewhere else located ?


Cool, THX !