Xaoc Batumi

It is interesting to see quite a lot of code written by Olivier Gillet (of Mutable Instruments) and the general layout of the MI module firmware has been adopted for use in the Xaoc Batumi quad LFO module (the open-source licensing of the MI firmware permits such re-use, as long as copyright notices are preserved appropriately in the source code, as hey have been in the Batumi source code). See https://github.com/xaocdevices/batumi

And there is a population of lemmings inside, periodically breeding like crazy, then throwing themselves off a cliff (that is a reference to the Verhulst-may logistic map function that is implemented in the alternative firmware for the Batumi, BTW).

Stay tuned for news in the next month or two of much-expanded firmware for an open-source DIY (non-MI) module that also contains re-purposed Mutable code (but no lemmings).