I’d hyperlink it but I don’t know how.

Anywho, this thing looks really cool! Thought ya’ll might want to take a look.

@altitude: do share some photos!

I was thinking of something along those lines too.

A 303 poly sounds worth trying with my midipal…

woah, just did a read through of the manual and this is way more than just a sequencer-less x0xb0x, everything is completely patchable.

How many days before someone sticks a Euro panel in front of this?


nice. this needs a euro klee-style daughterboard and faceplate to really finish it off.

Any brave soul doing a daughterboard for controlling this?

Edit: Ordered one. Incidentally, MICrODEC is sold out in kit form

I’d like a daughterboard that provides MIDI control. :slight_smile:

guest said that’s it’s in the works. He’s been talking to some of the x0x firmware devs so I am speculating something similar to what he did for the x0xb0x but arduino compatible and simpler. For now, I’ll just use my x0xb0x

Would a USB power supply be good?

I am nut sure if USB is 5v or 5.5v

USB is 5V.

Would be fun to combine this with a CVpal…

The manual is interesting; the board allows for more (digital) parameter control than you might expect at first glance.

So this could be powered with USB MIDI right?

A daughterboard with usb-midi + cv and din midi would be cool for non-eurorack applications.

That and then another for the pots and switches…

Nice! How about a x0x-brain now? (only the sequencer) :))

WThelluvaF ??? I need to go modular…i need to rob a bank, or two ! Oo

+1 for a non-modular usb/midi solution. I know I’m just wishing, but hey, it’s Christmas…

If they add MIDI with the ability to control all parameters digitally, I may have to get one. Toss it in a slim case and use it as a sub osc for the Shruthi.
Or, get more than one and have a 303 poly. Sounds like fun with the MidiPal

I’m in for a Eurorack panel for one of these if someone wants to design it. I already have plenty of sequencers and midi to cv converters.

I’m waiting to see what kinds of things people come up with before I decide to commit to it.