WTH Am i too late already?

i see Ambika all over the shop, and the Anushri kits out of stock - have they been there too and am i too late already?

It doesn’t look like the Anushri german edition has come and gone. Ambika PCB’s are released, with kits coming soonish. I think we’re both good :slight_smile:

i totaly missed tbat the Ambika boards are available…

I doubt twitter is as addictive as modulars/euroracks. Don’t be scared now.

Actually, MI is the only reason I got a twitter and is still, as far as I’m concerned, the only valid reason/use for having a twitter.

Yes ! Ambika + 6x 4P voicecards ordered.
Been obsessively refreshing the MI page every morning for the last 4 weeks :slight_smile:

I can’t decide which filter boards to go for… :-/

wow hectic morning @ MI!

Lysander, me too: many times per day for weeks :slight_smile:
I really wanted a kit, but I was so paranoid about miss it that I couldn’t resist buy the pcb’s for a six voice Ambika. Now I’ve finished my mouser order. Bad news, the green/yellow leds are backordered; I bought some red/green leds with the same specs, I guess that won’t be a problem. All other parts are still in stock…


wget http://shop.mutable-instruments.net/ -O /tmp/mishop.html
if test -n "`grep -i ambika /tmp/mishop.html`"
echo “Er ist da…” | mail -s “Der Ambika ist da” myemail@example.com

@Mirko love it, did you put that in your cronjob ?