WTF of the day

This is somewhat strange, somehow the ladies distract from the lesson being taught:



BBBWWAAAHAHAHAHA! If dubstep required lyrics…

Didn’t think I would learn that today…

Ehm, yes…this is truly from outer space :slight_smile:

Add yer own weird stuff :slight_smile: I’m plotting what tomorrow’s going to be…

This could totally be a dubstep break, then some drops and on and on.

Qp I already posted this to some the dubstep dudes I know. we have common ground on humor, just not our typical BPM preferences

:smiley: Hehe.

crap, this is now stuck in my mind. so catchy ^^

Ooh, Japanese Fräuleins…



We’re in the weird part of teh intertubes again:




What on earth were they on while concoting this!

That made my day…


that Japanese video is rather old… the cat/shark is something I would not dream of doing to mine :wink:

I thought I’d seen everything. Clearly…no.

Not quite as wtf-worthy but I’m not sure if it deserves a own topic…way to advertise a synth.

Edit: Thanks Jojjelito :wink:

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And it’s eye popping stuff that…

I don’t have anything to say about this, except: wtf.