WTB Shruthi XT SMR4mkII

Dear Community

Newbie here. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I could only find sell/trade section and I want to buy.

I love Mutable gear. I was on the fence with buying modular until I bought a Clouds, Elements and Braids. Then I just started a rack buying a bunch more MI modules. Nothing sounds like them to me. So organic and beautiful.

I’ve been hunting for a Shruthi XT with the silver face for a while now. Mint if possible. Seems like I keep missing them on eBay. Last one I bought off reverb arrived scratched to all hell and damaged so had to send it back, was so gutted. I was late to the party on these.

I wish mutable would do another run of these. I’m sure they would shift them fast.

Anyone here looking to sell theirs or knows where I can find a mint one I would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance
all the best

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Found someone who can build me one - many thanks everyone :slight_smile: