Wrong resistor values in Digikey part numbers in Ambika BOM?

Hello, I’ve just received the PCB set and I’m working on sourcing the parts. I’m buying most of them from digikey, I’ve
been copy/pasting part numbers from the official BOM, and I’ve noticed slight differences in resistor values. For example
the digikey site provides 221 ohm for all the 220 ohm resistors, 475 for the 470 ohm, 2.21k for 2.2k, and so on. Some of the
are correct but most are not. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew what’s up with this. Will the difference be unnoticeable or is
this something to be concerned about?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to starting building!

That’s just DigiKey selling resistors from what looks like the e96 series values instead of more “standard” values. The difference is totally negligible as the nominal values are closer than the resistor tolerances. Also, it’s only fractions of a percent or so.