Woww woww woww.... Awesome SHRUTHI

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

My first Shruthi was never finished and never sounded. So i was a realy lucky guy and found a sencond hand shruthi-1!

Woww, wooowww wowww wowww - ANALOG POWER SOUND! I’m realy impressed about this Awesome aggressive Filter! Wow, it sounds like a SH-9 Filter! F******k is that thing a damn cool thing!


Can’t stop stunning! Today i received my things (Resistors etc.) for my polivoks and yellow!

The Sound is awesome clear and no noise in the signal!

I have the TETRA4 and Mopho. BUT, Shruthi beats all of them if you like bad analog aggressive Ashzfu"""g Filter! WOW People WOW



Welcome to the ShruthiVersum™ !

Indeed - welcome John.

I get the impression that you quite like the Shruthi then?


Hola… Thanks… :slight_smile: Yeah it’s an amazing synth!