WOW. 4 pots for CV inputs

I am speechless, it’s like opening Pandora’s box. Sure adding 4 controls is neat and all until you realize that you can assign the CV source to more than one destination in the mod matrix. A video demo may very well be in order for this mod.

The mod itself is trivial, pot with one leg to ground, sweeper to +5V through a low value resistor (do it or there will be smoke), other leg to CV input. Each pot needs its own resistor to +5V. Thats it, result is insane hands on control of multiple parameters…

I used to have 2 40mm sliders and 2 10k pots.
Now I have a pitchbend/modstick on CV 3 and 4 and a 10k pot on CV 2…
Works quite well I have to say :slight_smile:

Is there a reason why you don’t connect the sweeper to the CV input and the legs to +5V and GND?

it’s just a voltage divider, so there should actually be no magic smoke if you have them between 5V and GND, as there’s no big current running through it.

good point, I’m just used to level adjustments like that which dont ground out an input. Didnt even think to do it the normal way :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, your carton case is amazing !
Are you Olivier Blanckhart ?

Me? Haha, no :slight_smile:
Glad you like it… It’s still in the same case, still in excellent condition.
But I’m going to do a plywood/plexi-case for it sometime when I get around to it.

Roland bender FTW!