Would this (MidiMutant) work with the Ambika, Shruthi, or Anushri?


  • You’ll have to customize the code for another SysEx format - specifying the range of all parameters. Given that the source code is not even released, I don’t know how hard it is going to be.

  • It’s kind of fun that they made it completely synthesis method agnostic, but wow, this is not a particularly efficient way of “reverse-engineering” a sound.

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After digging a little bit, I believe its FM synthesis. :frowning:

No, in their demo they control an FM synth but nothing in the method they use is specific to FM synthesis.

All in all, it seems like a pretty cool idea. I skipped over their implementation details and read the paper they cited. I’ve always wanted to play around with Ambika as a percussion instrument. It be really cool to sample an 808 bass drum hit or snare and see how close the Ambika could come to it.