Would entire Plaits fit in Beads?

I recently built my first eurorack and have been having a blast. I have Beads and among other things, the wavetable mode is a lot of fun in it. As far as I know, it is borrowed from Plaits.

Thus my question is, when Beads is made open source, could a custom fw be implemented that would include all Plaits models in Beads? That would make it even more awesome and save me some hp :slight_smile:

Yes, Beads could run all modes of Plaits with 6 voice polyphony.


Not bad! However, since it took so long to get this informative reply, I already ordered a Plaits earlier today to accompany my Beads. The wavetable mode in Beads actually sold it to me :slight_smile:

7 hours… you’re a Very impatient robo…


That sounds like a challenge for someone…


I assume it would be polyphony as with Rings, where the notes have to be played in succession?
Or is there a way to build an expander or a
Midi input in order to play “real time” chords and such?

Wow, impatient much?
I dare say no other module maker responds as quickly as does Émilie.

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If someone would be crazy enough to build a 6 voice plaits into beads, would there be enough space for it to live next to the default firmware? Obviously it could not run in parallel since you mentioned Beads taking nearly the entire cpu power. Toying around with plaits firmware I noticed that I ran into space problems sooner than expected (there is some thread were you talked about this as well) and I wonder if the same is true for Beads. Thank you for providing us all those amazing modules and the additional information on top :heart_eyes:

That was the right thing to do. Now you can run plaits through beads :+1:t3:

Yes. Beads’ firmware isn’t that big, the largest block of flash corresponds to… the wavetables, which would also be shared by the Plaits’ side.

Rings does real polyphony, and that “PolyPlaits” would, too. You have to play the notes in succession only because the CV/Gate standard cannot convey polyphonic information.

Sure, and Rings could do “real time” chords if you built such an expander for it.


I wasn’t entirely serious - and I don’t think pichenettes was either by suggesting we could have 6-voice Plaits in Beads. :slight_smile:

That said, I am excited to see what kind of alternative firmwares we may get for Beads once the source is released!

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Not serious? 480 / 72 > 6. There’s even room for a little reverb or delay.


Are you referring now to replacing Beads code with Plaits? What I meant with my original “idea” was to have whole Plaits as “easter egg” mode in Beads, similarly how the wavetable is now accessible in Beads (Wavetable mode has access to Beads reverb etc).

You are making it more complicated as it sounds!

There are two things to take into account:

  • Processing power. Beads’ MCU is 6.6x faster than Plaits’ one, hence the possibility of having 6 voices of polyphony.
  • Code size. Beads’ MCU can hold 4 times as much code as Plaits, and Beads’ granular processing code itself is tiny.

Are you guys really gonna make me do this? I promised myself I wouldn’t program in my free time :roll_eyes:

But I really want a plaits but I really can’t afford the HP :sweat_smile:


Now I’m dreaming of a 6 voice plaits! That would be incredible

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Could Plaits cpu handle any real polyphony assuming you could develop a midi expander similar to the one we’ve been discussing for Rings?

Sorry, but must post to this topic. Pichenettes - I hope I’m not breaking any forum rules - The idea of Poly-Plaits - I’ve tried that before (maybe a midi-expander via trigger-input is also possible with beads).

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Not at all.

The entire point of this thread is that Beads has 6.6 times the CPU power of Beads.

The entire point of this thread is that Beads has 6.6 times the CPU power of Beads.

Beads begins to learn rapidly and eventually becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m., EDT, on August 29, 2022.


Ha, fair enough, I guess I was thinking more on a per mode level. I know the mini Rings modes are maxed out at one and three note polyphony, was just curious if that was the case with all the modes, or if some of the more simple modes had any headroom.