Worst thing that can happen!

Worst thing that can happen

edit: Works again, now i know how a Junkie feels when the dealer doesnt answer the Phone… im addicted.
Are there anonymus SynthDIY self-help Groups???
“Hi, i am Frank and i am addicted to Mutable Instruments Gear…”

Oh noes! Still, I’d shop moar at those guys if they took credit cards like sane people do. Their bank transfer number is so long that the risk of error approaches 100%. Always terrified.

Still, Reichelt finde ich Gut!

They now take credit cards and even paypal. My biggest gripe with those guy, and the reason why I rarely order stuff from them, is that you don’t know exactly the part you’ll get. You order 220uF capacitors and the stuff you get is sometimes Panasonic, sometimes Yageo, sometimes unbranded… Same for the MIDI connectors, in the past I got the “right kind”, now I get the connectors of the wrong kind. It’s perfectly fine but in my case, I’d rather have parts that look like those in the assembly instructions.


Yo Johan, if you dont want to order directly: rosch and I are ordering quite frequently at Reichel and will be happy to forward your parts…

Last time I wanted to order from about a month ago Mouser, their Login system was borked, so I couldn’t access my precious project manager!

@ pichenettes

Futurlec is just like that! I was building the 9090 over the summer and they are the only site that supplies a lot of the weird caps that go in it. I had exact manufacturer part numbers, and half the caps I got were different manufacturers and completely different spacings and even types sometimes! Apparently they don’t have the right MLCC in stock, they’ll send you either a different size (which totally sucked on that thing because the component density is ridiculous, so if something is even a mm or 2 larger it will become very crowded) or they’d send you some crappy ceramic disk caps!

Thanks for the offer! Things are now reaching critical mass and I need to do an inventory check :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you can now pay normally at Reichelt! That kicks ass! Hmmm - I can see where this is going. Jojjelito haz won a shopping spree later :smiley:

seeing it from north america on a lot of overseas servers and some govt ones