Worried about LCD short

Hi all,

Just finishing my Shruthi kit and about to solder on the LCD. In the instructions it says to cut the legs (or whatever they are called) from the chip as close as you can - I’ve done this but the rubbery circles on the bottom of the LCD still touch the contacts below. Will this be a problem? I can’t see how I’m going to be able to cut the legs any shorter.

Could I put a bit or card or something between them to ensure there are no shorts?

If you want to ensure to have no contact to the PCB, use electricians tape.

Kapton tape is the thing.

Thanks for the advice. Do you mean tape the pcb or the bottom of the lcd? Or both??


Taping the PCB is probably a lot easier… Could tape both for safety, although I’d call that overkill…

If you have bought a smart shirt (suit and tie sort) recently they often come with thick stiff plastic around the collars, that’s ideal for insulation purposes.

Thanks for the tip! I buys most o my shirts second hand these days so no stuf collars here I’m afraid!

Some of them also have a big cardboard backing which is also good for festivals if you smoke roll ups :slight_smile:

Love the idea of you cracking out a brand new m&s shinny shirt for a festival!