World Core Euro video module

Good grief. Shit get’s real when you bust out the NES controller

Wasn’t this announced a while ago? Ultimately, you can have a 1000$ gaming PC or you can have this for 999$+ the cost of any other module necessary. Or just a budget PC and an emulator.
I think it is a cool idea though. The idea of an AI trigger/sequencer is a bit novel, but the results are underwhelming for the cost.
Now if you could play Combat or other 2 player Atari games on it, that would be interesting for collaboration.

Any news on this? I found it insane when they announced it more than 1 year ago… and then nothing?

my finger is obviously not on the pulse such things :slight_smile: First time I’ve seen it. Pretty cool concept though. Sent me digging for that NES controller module (at muff’s of course)

I believe that is the Control Core module. It is available for preorder for 349$. Here is a video demo.

It even has a built in cheat code. The Konami code of course.

If I am right, the pins on the NES controller are
4 for the buttons: A, B, Select, Start
2 for the Dpad: One for up and down, the other for left and right
1 for the DC power

Not too difficult to read the voltages and generate signals. I know a Shruthizen could DIY one cheaper than 350$.