Where has your Shruti been built? Where do you work? Pics! Pics! Pics!

My workspace:

i think you can do a beautiful enclosure with the wood box au dessus des composants :smiley:

wow , thats tidy!

A board on a coffee table in my living room for me. This was taken when I was running a few tests before handing it over to my friend who cut holes in the case for me.

HS-80m’s…great minds think alike. A great pair of speakers, indeed.

the workshop at the synchroton media research laboratory

Here’s where i built mine. it’s the prototyping workshop at my company,


i have the full Flickr set of my build here:

check out the flickr stream here

my desk at work -> building shruti/watching tennis. real work still to be done, but shruti is live and kicking.

You put ! ! around the image URL and select “Textile” in the “Format comments as” list below the text box.

ah thanks for tip. good to know!

mine’s a mess- due to changing furniture i have it all stacked. under the tables there’s more…

my little table in the spare room. i do my soldering in the kitchen where there’s more light.

Inspiration hangs above my workspace…(some of my previously released stuff)

At the present moment.

More here