Working but

it sounds terrible. sorry I have still problems with my anushri. It is all working … the oscillator make sound . the filter is filtering … cutoff is working and there is a filter resonanz … but it sounds a kind of “over modulated” far away from the demos . I checked all resistors, pots and soldering points … I have no idea now ( I ordered a DSO203 for further debugging)

I build two shruthis, a ladder filter and a 6 voice cards ambika, but this one is bugging me …

Can you post a recording of what you mean by over modulated? Are you sure all modulation on the filter and VCO is set to 0 ?

Have you tried following the signal chain to know at which steps (VCO, mixer, VCF, VCA…) things are going wrong?

not yet, have to build an audio probe :slight_smile: … I noticed, things got better when I reduce the VCO range to zero

ok … think it was my fault …after practice some time with this thingy, my results getting much better. Thank you all