Workaround for 2.4V zener on the yellow magic?

is there something i could put in place for the zeners on the yellow magic board? (just for today)
i couldn’t find them here locally so i’ll have to wait for Reichelt delivery. i have 2V1, 3V, 3V9, 4V7, 5V1, 6V2, basically all kinds of other diodes led schottky germanium lol but just not the 2.4V zeners.
is there something i can do to have some sounds tonight despite this embarassing lack of home stock parts?

you can use a red led in parallel with a signal diode (wired backwards), otherwise I think that the 2v1 will be ok. If I remember well, it’s just for protecting the pt2399’s input. A 2v1 will add a bit of distortion prior to the delay.

These are soft-limiting the signal before hitting the PT2399. 2.1V is fine - I think it’s even safer.