Wooden case completed

My case is finally done :slight_smile:
Latest pictures at the bottom


That is amazing!

how awesome is that!

Whoooo Really good looking ! Are you the guy who used the CNC or it is a company ? and so who ? i could be interrested to make a box for my seq V4.

Lamouette - There are pictures of what looks like a homemade CNC machine on the page, so I’m guessing that it is his/a friends machine :slight_smile:

Lovely case by the way !

That is absolutely stunning.


Gorgeous. Well done!


I def like this better than the paper

I thought the cardboard thing was cool too 'though. Kinda like a homeless Shruthi.

It’s milled in a Roland CNC-cutter, looks like this one:

It’s not mine, it belongs to the makerspace STPLN in Malmö, Sweden.
It’s free for anyone to use… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive response! :smiley:

totally awesome :smiley:


I’ve got wood :slight_smile:

Where’s the drool smiley when you need it?