Wobbly dry/wet knob on Beads

Is there any way to “tighten” the small pots on Beads?

Specifically, after ~5 months of use, the knob for the dry/wet mix feels somewhat wobblier and less “solid” and smooth than the knobs for feedback and reverb.

Is it about the force required for turning the potentiometer, or the ability to wiggle the potentiometer around its axis?

In any case the only option is to replace the whole part.

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Hi Émilie, thanks for the response.

Actually both. It feels easier to turn than reverb/feedback, very slightly “gritty” at points, and can be wiggled more easily around the axis.

Honestly, it’s all quite subtle and might even be within the range of normal after some use. I don’t think it’s worth replacing the whole part.