Wobbly Braids .. power issue?

Hi, I have Braids,Turing Machine, PEG. Whenever i turn on Turing Machine or PEG, the Braids oscillator starts to ‘wobble’ and parameters are slightly changing in the tempo of PEG/RLS. However other oscillator module i have is stable and clean. For power I am using 4ms DIY kit and I have no problems with it. I’ve tried to change the cable, different power sockets. Seems to me as a powering issue, but I am not sure… Can someone give me a hint please?

edit: its even weirder… for example Turing Machine is not active at all but when I move the main knob it affects the pitch of Braids =/

Hmmm… looks like you are pushing your power supply to its limit. Do you have the specs of your PSU in terms of current on the +5V, -12V and +12V rails?

If it’s the 4MS board with indicator lights for each rail then you’d expect them to dim a little when the power drain is high?

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Hi concretic!

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the 4ms Single Row Kit have specs (according to their manual)
Maximum power: +12V @ 1.1A, -12V @ 500mA, +5V @ 1.1A

So I’ve made a simple test: disconnected all the modules except Braids and Turing Machine; output straight to speakers. The same with Braids and PEG… nothing changed. I’ve recorded the output of Braids starting with clear PEG and Cycles turned off… you can hear the results of Cycling and pinging that module.

The light indicators on 4ms board are brightest ever and forever without change : )

Btw, thank you yewtreemagic .)

ow, here is the recording… ^^ https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2570792/braids_peg_notwired.mp3

There’s not much I can do. It looks like the PEG is causing the rails to wobble - something a module shouldn’t do.

And Turing Machine too? =/ I’ll try different powering on another system asap and post the result.

Do you have a recording with Braids + the Turing machine on the same bus, nothing else connected?

Fresh recording: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2570792/braids_turing_2modules.mp3

I am clocking Turing with CVpal.

Do you have a multimeter?

Yes… I’ve build few modules…

Could you please measure the voltage delivered by your PSU ; and check how it changes when you slowly modulate the PEG for example?

I’ve made careful voltages measuring and PEG alone on the bus 13.19V ± 0.01V; 5.18V stable; -12.04 stable… I’ve connected Braids and nothing changed. Measured with slow lfo and the output of Braids straight to mix.

Any way of measuring the current (amps) usage?

Yes, sorry for delay, I had a lot of work. I’ll measure it tomorrow.

You know how to measure that right? you have to break the circuit and use the meter to bridge the points. Not forgetting to move the leads to the appropriate inputs on the meter.

You’re best to use meter leads with crocodile clips.

Well i’ve measured PEG alone… it’s got internal switch for 5v generated onboard from 12v. its set on internal and the current varies between 135-150mA when lights are blinking (cycle + pinged)… i dont know how to measure it with all 3 lines powered (1 bridged). Braids current usage looks normal.

Finally I had a chance to try my modules on different PSU (doepfer 3 parallel busboards on same power brick). On the same busboard I can feel almost no difference; PEG/Turing are bleeding into Braids parameters. When I feed the modules from different busboard “on the other side of the case”, it is stable. Well, looks like I need to get separate PSU for my Braids. A semitone pitch changes are not acceptable for my performance usage.