WM8731 any alternative?


Hello, I’m new in this place, happy builder of a TUBIKA aka AMBIKA with 6 analog filters : SVF version and recently a Shruti xt with a 4 pole filter…this small synth is a killer, bigggg bass and more, lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now I’m discovering Eurorack design from Mutable and I’d like to build Clouds, Elements in a first time. I can’t find the WM8731 chip. Is there one or more known replacement ?

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If you’re willing to redesign the PCB and rewrite the codec interface code, you can use a SSM2604 or CS4270.

I’ll stop here, this forum is not for discussing DIY builds of modules. Shruthi, Ambika and friends were designed for DIY assembly… not the modules!


Hello Pichenettes, thank you for your reply and sorry, I didn’t know and I understand completely.
My topic can be deleted because I’m out of the rules

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