Without midi controller

Is it possible to use Shruthi-1 without external midicontroller or sequencer?

Not really… a Synth is meant to have some sort of User Interface to interact with it (vulgo: makin music) so only with the Test Note (hold S1 for a bit longer) you wont get that far… Its just like asking can i drive this car without a Steering Wheel.

You can hold the first button to hold a note and start/stop the sequencer and arpeggiator, but that’s as far as you’ll go…

The shruthi can be used easily as a standalone filter without any external controller. It can also play some arpeggiators and sequences with the “test note” function, but as fcf72 and pichenettes stated, it’s pretty limited on its own.

The anushri, which is the next product available from mutable instruments, is pretty usable without a controller. It’s not a shruthi at all, but if you are looking for a standalone synthesizer without needing to plug it to any keyboard or sequencer (let’s say : you’d like to add some synth sounds while playing with your rock band and you can only use your feet or a finger every once in a while?), this might be the right synth to go.

You can do a lot with just the internal sequencer. I use it all the time. Superb for jamming or live performances.
The big limitation of the internal sequencer is that it only has 16 steps and you can’t chain patterns. But you can switch patterns on the fly and work around that limitation a bit.

Thinking about it, an optional possibility to not switch to the next sequence instantly, but wait for the current sequence to complete first would be really cool. That way you could for example play sequence 1 and then sequence 5 after it without glitches in between.

this feature both desirable and not desirable. If you’re playing with a live band and everything not midi-clocked, you better retrigger sequences at will. This way, your proposal is not cool. If you only play with synced devices or if everything can sync easily with the shruthi, then it’s a good idea.
Anyway, I guess there’s room for small software mod for this kind of feature.

Yes, I perfectly understand, thats why I wrote optional :wink:

I did not bother with this kind of chaining stuff because sequences are read from eeprom and there’s a small lapse when the eeprom is accessed. Rewriting the eeprom code to make it non-blocking… no way!