Wiring synth + delay in one box

Hi Shrutizens!

Maybe someone can help me out on this. I´m building a drone synth plus a delay in a single box, and basically want a toggle switch to choose between the two outputs. synth/synth+delay

What kind of switch i need? SPST like this one www.conrad.com/medias/global/ce/7000_7999/7000/7050/7050/705009_RB_00_FB.EPS_1000.jpg
or DPDT? http://www.banzaimusic.com/image.php?id=5027&type=D

oh and any tips/drawing on wiring i appreciate!

Many thanks.

If you already have a “synth” and “synth+delay” signal somewhere in your circuit, then you need a SPDT. Middle pin to your output, left pin to the synth, right pin to the synth+delay point. The first picture you linked to is actually a SPDT.

Oh thats it :slight_smile: easy! sometimes i made confusion on the most simple things. But after ordering a lot of components this happen on a newbie like me.

Thank you Olivier.