Wire guage

Sorry, silly question.

What guage wires are you guys using for internal wiring on your projects? Specifically I’m about to put my Programmer together and I noticed that most people’s pics have a larger gauge wire than I’ve been using (24 gauge).

I recently finished an Echo Base delay and it’s kinda noisy. I’m paranoid the small wires are part of the problem…

i use 0,25mm² most pf the time, sometimes smaller - ribbon cables (i use the same stuff as ide cables in fact actual old ide cables sometimes)
sometimes i use 0,5mm².

i have noise problems with one bent video device, that uses a quite long ribon cable, but i had no problems with audio stuff.
maybe try shielded wire and put the shield to ground, if the noise id bad?

i don`t think, the noise comes from the strength of the cable, but more the length and where it goes. i think you would want to keep it away from any digital stuff.

i am no expert at this though.

Guage of wire wont affect noise. Thicker guage wire is only good if you plan on wiring something up that is over a long distance to help eleviate voltage drop. Personally, i use 22AWG for my projects. If you have issues with noise, either tightly twist pairs together or get shielded.

Edit: Haha, loderbast. Got to the post just before me.

0.25mm² is perfect.

The shielded wires are necessary almost only in devices such as a high gain distorsion unit or the insides of a tube amplifier, especially with low-level signals (guitar again…)
Nothing worth into a shruthi i believe.

The noise comes from length and the proximity of emitting components (often active components, especially the ones with a high-frequency clock (the pt2399 is one of them).
Anyway, the PT2399 chip is not very quiet, especially at high delay times. At the end of a 50k pot it becomes pretty messy.

Thanks for the help. Sounds like I’m safe to use 24 AWG on the programmer. I made my Echo Base with the pots wired instead of directly soldered to the board because I got the wrong pots. The wires are all smashed in there up against the pt2399 etc. They could be shortened drastically, maybe I’ll try that. Although I should try moving the wires away first to see if that makes a difference.

All needed Wire is included :wink:

Stranded sounds better :wink: lol.

the Echo base is kind of noisy anyway (not saying it’s bad), at least mine. i changed fromm wired to pcb mounted pots, but haven’t tried since then.
in general i use the thickness that the solder pads allow, for pots. the ribbon cables are thinner .14 i believe but not sure.

Oh, thanks for reminder!
I have assembled and forgotten Echobase pcb in my drawer. Have to solder wires with pots.

And… The best sounding wires is aluminium hanger!