Winstar OLED Shruthi-Compatible?

Would this work as an LCD alternative?


I have red one on my polivoks and it looks great. I got it pretty fast and it’s cheap, I am very satisfied with winstar.

@biglebowski thanks for getting back to me. Cool.
Need to do an audit of leftover components to see what I still need to make a Moog Ladder Shruthi, then I’ll do an order for on of the blue ones, I think.


Is there a special resistor value needed for this oled?

Oleds don’t have a backlight (they light themselves) so you can leave out the resistor in the backlight circuit. They also don’t have contrast adjustment so you can leave out the trimmer as well. You do have to make sure that you get one that uses +5V power, at least some of them come in 3V3 variants which won’t be easy to use in a Shruthi.

I left out the resistor, and it’s ok.

Thank you. This is very useful information. Has anyone socketed an LCD/OLED before? That would really be awesome. They are tough to desolder…of course I don’t have a proper solder sucker.

@sammy123 why are they more difficult to solder than an equivalent LCD?


I just meant displays in general are hard to desolder.

@sammy123: Expensive, but worth it :wink:

Expensive indeed. It looks really nice though.

I also recommend sticking a 100 nF cap between the power and ground pins, OLEDs are noisy electrically and I have had issues with them making pots jump