Windows 10 with CVPal ... anyone tested?

As we all know CVPal was woeful in 7/8 for latency, but with MS talking about the wonders of the the new midi system has anyone tested it at all and if so how does it perform?

It’s not related to the MIDI system, but to the fact that the CVpal abuses the USB specs (it requests a 1kHz poll rate while the maximum value according to the standard is 125Hz). There’s nothing wrong in the way Windows behave, so I don’t see why Microsoft would “fix” this.


Looks like windows 10 is a bit more happy with increased polling rates!

4th post down. If this is the same sort of requests that CVpal makes on the bus, combined with the new MIDI system … we may have a winner here. I’d better update my beta version as my CV pal comes back tonight

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Then we’re good :slight_smile:


( punches sky )

Now just to get a pic burner and make up some more of them with differing device ID’s for using with ableton push!

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@stevencrichton cool! Would be interested to know how you’re using Push and Live with your modular gear, as I have those, too.


Push > External Instrument > midi to Roland SBX usb CV > Audio in from modular. Then if that track is to my liking hit record on the audio.

Adding the CV pal I’ll have 2 cv adapters so can probably use it for a fair bit more. I’ve found CVpal is really good for triggers and SBX is more a wonderful hub for keeping various things in sync.

Any news about this?

After much wrangling I finally managed to get windows to install … ( 7 attempts at getting the free upgrade made me want to throw the dell laptop out the window…) so I’ll test when I can.

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Much love, mate.

Sorry no update on this… the older dell laptop I was given seems to hate me. So I’ve given up and put it in a drawer and bought a used mac for sequencing. I remember why I ditched windows again after all that.

I hate to say it but with the Microsoft data slurp in Windows 10 (backported to 8 and 7) I’d steer clear of Windows too. You can’t even blacklist the servers Microsoft uses without crippling Windows functionality.

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I hope I’m not late here, but I’ve just purchased a CVpal. I have Windows 10, and I use Cubase (5 essential), it has no latency or jitter at all. Even using a USB keyboard, I press the note and the sound from the CVpal and VCO is instant.


CVPal is still available via Thonk, or was anyway.

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