WIMA Caps for Ambika Ladder Filter

Hi all,

I was about to solder a Mouser replacement of the WIMA MKS-2 1,0 uF 63V (part 80-MMK5102K63J01TR18 borrowed from SM4 BOM).
Then I saw the SMR4 BOM comment: “Film, 2.5%, WIMA MKS02 63V recommended”.

I did a quick search on the forum, and found that these caps are “nice” [1] or that better capacitors tolerance, if they will not modify the sound, will have an influence on the tuning of filters [2].

I’m very ignorant of this, and I was wondering if the Mouser replacement for the “nice” WIMA caps would be a not so good idea, especially with the Ladder Filter which seems one of the most complex to tune (considering its use of four tunable resistances),



[1] http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/comment/6863#Comment_6863
[2] http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/comment/77352#Comment_77352

when placed on top of another voice card, they do not touch the case…

Which Mouser replacements are you talking about?

as I said (may be not clearly) the replacement part is 80-MMK5102K63J01TR18.
The part to be replaced is the “MKS-2 1,0u 63 V” (Reichelt).

… and then your question make me realize that the replacement parts are 1000pF which is 1nF and not 1uF, as I erroneously concluded (as often with u, n and p), sorry for that.

The thing is, I ordered to Mouser the parts for a TubeOhm Ladder and the parts for an SMR4. TubeOhm provides a Reichelt BOM but not a Mouser one, hence I built my own Mouser BOM. I did an error (among others) with the Ladder: I ordered part 505-MKS021.0/50/10. which are 1uF 10%, and only 50V and not 5mm. When I saw on the SMR4 BOM that the film capacitors were recommended to be WIMA, with the Mouser replacement 80-MMK5102K63J01TR18, I thought I could exchange these parts from SMR4 to Ladder, and I mismatched 1000pF with 1uF.

The correct Mouser replacement part seems to be 80-MMK5105K63J04L4 (Kemet Film Capacitors 63volts 1uF 10%). Since I do not have them, I may order the WIMA caps to Reichelt anyway.
But the answer to the question may still be interesting : would the Kemet caps be a good replacement for the WIMA caps? What makes those WIMA caps so nice?

This is my first time trying to build my own BOM, I think I made various errors and misinterpretations.
Please ignore this discussion while I figure out what has led me to ask this question.

Sorry for the noise.

Capacitance matters. 1uF = 1000nF. 1nF = 1000pf.

Voltage doesn’t matter at all.

Spacing between leads matters (5mm).

The lowest the tolerance the better.

The WIMA caps have a low tolerance.

You can try this: 80-C317C102G1G. These are ceramic, but they are of C0G (NP0) dielectric/temperature coefficient - so they are good for filter applications (low tolerance and good stability).

ok, let’s stick to this simple question then:
Instead of having ordered this part: WIMA 1uF 63V 5mm [1]
I ordered this one: WIMA 1uF 50V 2.5mm [2]

Question: would that be ok anyway (50V vs 63V), if I spread the legs so they fit in the 5mm-wide holes?

[1] http://www.mouser.fr/ProductDetail/WIMA/MKS2C041001F00KSSD/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMv1cc3ydrPrF4aGm1X0erhBuOfLePDZ9gA%3D
[2] http://www.mouser.fr/ProductDetail/WIMA/MKS0B041000F00KSSD/?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduiN6NMsesjN3jc7jWSDU9PzxzZw%2FJ7IJ8t6TFepRWESTP17nzNeQ%2FI7

sorry I did not see your last comment: it seems that the caps I currently own would do then?

That replacement is perfectly fine: we all do a little creative leg bending once in a while. In this case it is easy. The voltage is just a maximum, so 50V or 63V does not matter here.

They are a bit bulky and might touch the neighbouring part - it might be possible to solve with with some creative soldering…

Hi, sorry i have seen this too late. the audio Signal can have a maximum amplitude from round about 7,25 Volt. So the voltage is not so impossible. 40V …63V.
About tolerance, the Resistors/Caps/Diodes and Transistors have tolerances.But today the tolerances are much smaller than 20 …30 jears before.
So 5 % is good in range.



… and it works! Thanks for helping me…