Will the Arturia BSP fry my Plaits?

I read owner’s manuals too much. The Plaits wants 0 to +8 V on Level and Trig and will take -3 to +7 V on the V/Oct (please correct me if I’m wrong).
The BSP outputs “10-12 V” on Gates which I verified with my peak volts function on a Fluke (12.2 V in fact).
I don’t want to fry Plaits- is an attenuator suggested here or have other people just hooked it up and no problem?

There is no problem with these two products. I was actually enjoying the combination of these two last saturday.

When I write « 0V to 8V » in the specs, it means that 0V changes the setting to the minimum and 8V to the maximum. Above or below, clipping occurs, but you can still send a CV of course.

It would be insane to sell a product that self destructs if you just happen to patch it wrong. I would spend all my days doing repairs!

The input circuitry I use on pretty much all modules is rated for +/- 50V for a sustained time, and +/- 4000V for a short discharge (for all those who love mohair!)


Thank you for these quick & positive answers, I am a rank beginner and used to DIY automotive electrics where I have fried a few things… oops.

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