Will all the mutable modules be in VCV soon?

If the entire set of current mutable modules is planning on discontinuation, will they get ported to VCV Rack? Can’t lose more access to modules I haven’t tried, and I’d like to see the updated ones join the ones already available. Don’t let the hardware monsters die, put their spirits in modular heaven for everyone to try… unless someone already has made VCV versions of new modules I haven’t seen? I’d love to see the beads and grids in VCV.

The only digital module not in VCV is Beads, the code will be released in a couple of months. Then it’s a matter of days for it to be compiled into a VCV pluging.

Analog modules require a significant development effort (circuit modelling). It depends on whoever is going to undertake that work!


Good to hear this, ive just got into VCV. The plan is to use my case as a massive controller for VCV and having beads will be amazing.

FYI grids can be found in the Valley collection (name topograph), rather than the Audible Instruments collection.

I’m working on porting Peaks to track Rack 2 at the moment :slight_smile:


Hey that’s great! I think Peaks was in an early version of VCV and may still be in the controversial (and confusingly named for this conversation) mi rack.

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