Why when browsing patches, does it go into other parameters like OSC?

If I am browsing patches, as I scroll it will go through a handful Like 1,2,3,4 and then it will immediately go into other parameters like OSC1 and env, then if I stop it will go back to browse. I suspect it’s a setting somewhere…

Does it change pages or does it stay on the load/save page?

It was staying on the same page. I did the “push the encoder while turning on” and it seems to have stopped doing it.

Any idea what was happening?

“push the encoder while turning on” = this is used to select the type of board - normal or XT.

You shouldn’t have to do that more than once…

Maybe it was incorrectly configured after you did something else?

@pichenettes: I’ve now seen several threads related to people pushing their encoders on startup and then experiencing strange stuff. Maybe the XT-mode should be selected some other way? (Some special Sysex command maybe? Something that is unlikely to be triggered by accident)