Why We Bleep Podcast, With Olivier Gillet!


You’ve probably heard of this Olivier Gillet fellow :wink:

Im not done listening to it myself yet, but I already know its very good :+1:

Incidentally, ‘Why We Bleep’ = MylarMelodies, maker of many most excellent musical/technological YouTube videos.


PS: when Clouds detects that both its outputs are unpatched, it enables a really fancy spectral resonating reverb processing mode :slight_smile:


I’m listening now! sweet.


See, now you’ve confuzzled the grey matter within my cranium… :thinking:

How would you hear this acoustic marvel if the outputs are unpatched? Or is this sonic joy reserved for the transistors contained within??
(Transistors in this case being somewhat like micro digital Oompa Loompas from Oliviers Module factory, obviously!)
Im also one of those weirdos that doesn’t happen to own a Clouds, so what do I know!?


No you’re not. We’re minimum two, but I’m waiting for the Clouds2.


if you place Ears just next to Clouds and put the gain all the way up, you’ll may catch some of Clouds amazing spectral reverb thru the contact mic vibration :laughing:


This, and best results when also modulating Blend CV and cycling through Blend modes!!


enjoyed that tremendously!
Your approach to the business reminds me of the fisherman’s story:

an old man sits on a ponton every day, fishing. One day, he is approached by a younger man asking him what he is doing. He replies “I’m fishing! Sit next to me and I will teach you.” The young man agrees and for the next few days, they sit together on the ponton, quietly fishing.
One day, the young man comes up with a proposal: “Hey, right now were fishing maybe 3-4 fishes a day, but if we could fish a few more, we could sell those for an extra buck!” The old man agrees and so they fish a bit more and sell a couple fishes on the market.
A few weeks later, the young man comes up with another proposal: “Weve fished so much and sold so many fish at the market, why dont we buy a boat so we can sail out further and get even more fishes to sell.”
The old man looks up and answers “well great idea, but what then?”
“Dude, if we catch even more fish, we can hire some people to help us and maybe buy a second boat!”
“Hm and then?”
“We could expand our reach, get some branding and sell the fishes under our own brand in all the country!”
“Marvellous, and then?”
“We could set up a packaging factory, hire more people to fish and maybe open proprietary stores selling just our fish products!”
“Wow and then?”
“Here comes the best part: as soon as the company is highly profitable, we will sell it for billions to the highest bidder and we will be rich as wizards!”
“Sounds great, and then?”
“We don’t have to work at all anymore! We can just sit here all day, do nothing and fish!”


Bloody interesting conversation indeed :smiley:
Thank you @pichenettes :slight_smile:

The part on your take on granular synthesis made me realize why I couldn’t understand (my recently acquired) Clouds behavior. A thing I have to dig deeper.

About CV automation editing, I had imagined a module with one pot for length / speed of “lecture” of a CV sequence, one for scrolling from start to end, and an encoder to change the value at the place scrolled.
With V/oct input on scroll you’d be able to use a keyboard to reach directly a “step”.
Get two encoders and you can work on two CV sequences at the same time.

I wonder if such module exists already.


Frames + an LFO?


Right :+1:
Thank you, dear.

Very interesting module.
I wonder why it hasn’t been pushed a little bit further by adding an input to trigger frame recording. Maybe something to add in a further iteration.