Why not able to change part in library view?

It would be so intuitive.
everything is there, you just can’t change it.

with the upper left poti

uuuups :wink: rtfm

it IS possible with the shortcut S1 plus turn encoder on any page

…might be nice anyway…
for one hand action

at least, I would expect it, as there is this poti above the part number

…or perhaps as an alternative, as there are eight nice potis which could be used… double the performance potis here, with pop up window… I liked it really a lot with my Shruthi to be able to change presets and immediately testing the waters?

Good suggestion!

ps: I have this 8 step alternative sequencer page in mind… (as there are these eight nice buttons and eight encoders)

the question only is how to switch to the next eight steps? turning the encoder? and pressing the encoder to get out of sequencer edit

like this, you’d have the “detailed step overview”, as it is now and your xox analog sequencer style sequence view

did you already think about similar?

this with some note quantization and there you go

or even make the potis on the library page a second performance controller page? then one could route the part volumes to these controllers without losing the fun stuff in performance page one?.. just came into my mind