Why is my soldering iron tip so quickly eat?

Hi at all
i began to solder one year ago, . Recently i dramatically increase my solder iron tip needs.
My first iron was an antec c15 and last many shruthi. but recently i need one tip per project. Tips are hard to source i find. the tip is literrally eated during the soldering action.
I thinks it is not normal. This are the solder i use.
Problem with them???

which is the best one to use???

solder tips need to be replaced fairly regularly, especially if you don’t “care” for it by keeping it tinned at all times…

Your solder is just fine.

I had the same issue with a tip bought some times ago for one cheap iron, i couldn’t even finish my project with this brand new tip. I was very disappointed! I even had to put the previous, near dead, tip, so I could finish my project.
You can try using this kind of stuff

On the other hand, my tip on my “professionnal” iron (aoyue, but it seems to be loaded with hakko stuff) is like everlasting.

So, maybe you should try to source your tip somewhere else, or if you’re using your iron quite regularly, switch to another one. There seems to be drastic differences in quality between tips.

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tin it just after you power down too. keep that bad oxidization at bay.

If you are using leaded solder, be sure that you are using a tip designed for lead, not lead-free solder. I’ve heard if this can cause the tip to deteriorate very quickly. Keeping it clean and tinned is the best way to make a tip last, though.

Could be flux to blame too, but the cheaper irons with solid tips (held in place by a screw) do seem to wear out fast.

The lead free solder is to blame here. DONT use a sponge (use the brass wool stuff) and make sure your tips are designed for lead free solder

thanks for your advices

@qp I think it’s the other way around. I’ve been using Ersa “RoHS”-tips for years with leaded solder and have no problem with the tips. In fact I can’t remember when I had to replace a tip because of wear and tear. And I do use a sponge…

Unleaded solder and washable fluxes are the biggest tip-killers AFAIK…

@ Lindeborg, your probably right. Thought I heard it can go either way though. Maybenot.

Get this paste. It’s baller. Don’t have to worry about oxidation again:

Hakko FS100-01

i’ll tell you what…a tin of paste and this will get a tip sparkly clean lickety split! I usually dip the shit outta the tip in the solder paste then scrubadub. Finish with some fresh solder to tin and back to new.

@qp agreed. Forgot to mention the Axxe Ball Scrubber

I’m using wet sponge(bob), shavings cleaner, qp mentioned and Goot BS-2 tip refresher. 2 years with one tip.