Who's looking for 4x20 VFDs?


$18 (!) each. The current ones sell for $105 at mouser, only difference is the new ones have Japanese fonts

Good time to build a MB6582

Goddamn! I may buy several just for stock!

no kidding, I just did. They will send you a pack of filters if you email them also. Check out their BC-VFDs while youre there, they are like a big chip that you solder to the board (8mm thick!) that has the controller built in and no PCB. That 40x2 look pretty sweet also, might be ambika upgrade time soon since that’s less than half of what mouser charges for those

Are these US only?

Yup. Anyone feel like doing the distro? I would assume they’re at least 3x that in the UK or DE branches. I’d be down for 2x, like to get some filters if possible. Now where’s dat Muff’s 75$ emoticon…

I dont know what the limit is on those but I just grabbed 4

Nice! Just ordered.

I’d be much obliged if anyone would want to send me one. :slight_smile:

ugh, I hope everyone got filters


It still looks good in my Ambika without a filter.