Who wants to be the Shruthi Sidepanel / Modular Blindpanel Fairy?

Currently I’m forced to tidy up my workshop - i have a pile of some hundred Parts:

  • Shruthi Sidepanels in all possible different colors
  • a huge pile of Modular Blindpanles in different HPs and colors
  • a pile of various parts for MI cases
    Before i throw it away (i really have no time to sort, and distribute these) is anyone interested for free where free means incl shipping Germany and 10€ in the EU. Only condition: if you make money from it distributing it to others (besides covering your costs) donate it to a charitable organization of your choice.

Anyone in?

@fcd72 you have a PM

actually, a few shruthi sidepanels in all possible different colors sounds interessting. @cereyanlimusiki: if you take the pile maybe you can pass on a few sidepanels, in particular weird colors, orange, green, pink, whatever comes up. Doesn’t have to match, one of a color is fine (on my shruthi also all the knobs have different colors). I can pay for postage … and for sure wouldn’t want a “pile of some hundred parts”. If you need them all, don’t worry …

What are the modular panels? blanks?

Yups, Blanks in all sizes + Colors…. whenever there was a free bit of plexi….

phew, good to know someone else does that craziness.

Ladies and Gentleman…. OK - Gentleman.

Let me introduce to you cereyanlimusiki as the new 2014 Sidepanelfairy™ - i sent him all the Trash™ and he will gladly help you out with Sidepanels if you require a replacement or something for the cost of shipping, a Beer and a donation for a social purpose.

Thanks a lot cereyanlimusiki - if your Pile has evaporated well do a casting for a new Fairy!

i have some colorful d:machinery blind panels from solder hero’s last giveaway that can be had for lau (free) also.

@rosch are there still some blind panels to have (for lau)?

Yeah I still got them all. If you like, I can send you the whole thing and then it’s up to you to further distribute the goodies (for lau)

Are there any more Shruthi side panels to be had? I am after 4, to save getting them cut at Ponoko. The rest of the case panels for two new Shruthi I’ll have custom made at Ponoko.

Who ever looking for side panels can get in touch with me via PM . I am the 2014 Sidepanelfairy :). Then of course I need to go to my cellar to find that little box from @fcd72

@rosch cool… pm sent