Who wants to adopt a Sequential Circuits SixTrak?

Yo Guys (and Gyrls if there are any…),

i’m about streamlining my setup and have to let some things go. Before putting it on eBay i’d like to ask here if anyone wants to adopt my precious little Sequential Circuits SixTrak. Its in a very good condition, all CEM 3394 (6 times a DOEPFER dark Energy…) voices working perfectly, all buttons working, only the volume pot needs a bit of cleaning.

A nice feature is here

If you are seriously interested ( and willing to pay a fair price ), drop me a line via eMail.

That thing looks likes SOB to program o.O
Id instantly adopt it if it had more buttons :confused:

Actually its not that painfull as it looks as it only has 35 parameter. Did i mention that you can controll each of the synthesis parameters via Midi CC?? There are Presets for the BCS2000 if you like more knobs…


I had a six-track in my youth. At what price do you sell?

Yeah, the CEM3372 combo filter/VCA addition and the midi control really makes this thing stand out among the 3394 based sci stuff…