Who needs 8 whole bits? 1-bit is where it's at!


gah, I tried to listen but couldnt do it

I built one of these back in 2006 and used to use it as a novel addition to a band I was in. This seems to be a progression of the same idea, but with more of a percussive inclination.

I definitely enjoyed my old 1-bit groovebox as my first DIY synth from pile of parts --> finished project!

I got in contact with Jan. He mentioned that DIY kits could be available in 3-4 weeks =)

Funny I was just looking into projects using 1 bit audio. I especially intrigued by the things you can do with only a attiny85.

I got in touch with him ( Jan ) too .
He also told me that estimated price for full kit would be ca. 50 EUR ( incl. shipping )