Who likes Yamaha..?

Everybody talks “IR3109IR3109IR3109” or “CEMCEMCEM” or “SSMSSMSSM”… Why “no one” talks about Yamaha filter chip: IG00156? I know, there will be no new Shruthi with such “black box”, but I’m curious why Yamaha chips have little interest…

Maybe because they’ve only been used in Yamahas own synths and those fortunate enough to own a CS use them for spares? I don’t think they exist in the same numbers as the other vintage chips.

That said, if I wanted a Shruthi with a GX1 or CS80 filter I could always get some MOTM gear and filter away :slight_smile:

i’m not planning to use anything yamaha.

FS1r. Just saying… :smiley:

Edit: Wouldn’t say no to a SY99, or an AN1x or some EX or some Motif XF or Mox. Or the Tenori-on…

Um, yeah, FS1R, will never sell it. I even had the analog output stage (op amps, capacitors) upgraded to sound warmer, less digital, with lower bottom end.

that’s one of the few yamaha objects i haven’t owned in my life but i’m not holding my breath for something very different than everything else from them. best thing was the CS01. of course i haven’t had a big CS, but from what i’ve heard in samples across the web the only really pro is that they’re poly’s.

There’s nothing magical about these chips. The chip is just a way to save space. If anything you have more possibilities for altering the sound to your tastes when not using an IC.

TG-77. Greater than Life HIFI FM.

when you guys mention FS 1 I always think of this:

DX200 module such a great piece for HIFI FM.

I have an SY99 from brand new, it wasn’t cheap. An incredible synth.

I love the TG33. It has no filters at all and 12-bit crunchyness, but mix it with dual-svf and it’s a secret weapon.

yes I agree, I have an SY35 and an SY22 …

Ex5r still my number 1

TX-81z and TX-802 are my keepers. I used to rock the G10 with the TX802 at one point (the brain would sysex dump the factory patches to the tx when you linked the two)

Have had a DX100 for 20 years-it’s a keeper. Adding resonance to my CS01 has been on the backburner for a while.

Agree with Albertswift, Ex5r it’s just greatest!
Also have FB01, TF1, Midibox FM .

TG77. Amazing FM synth, very organic and punchy. Love it, love it, love it!

Conclusion: there are a lot people liking Yamaha Gear, sadly for Yamaha only the vintage stuff.

Oh, i totally forgot my absolute favorite Yamaha Instrumet: my Yamaha U-1 Piano. Ultra long strings for Grand Piano Like Bass Performance. My neighbors hate it :wink:

When you look at the line up it seems they don’t know what a synth is any more. Just sample playback units all based around MOTIF.