Who has checked this upcoming mutable product?

soundcloud demo

To me, it sounds like a Dual VCO (digital? At least I hear some detune) fed into a multimode analog filter with an insane tracking speed, and a cool, gritty resonance that reminds me very much that of an ARP Odyssey.
Olivier, is it the next commercial product, or will it come after what I believe is a sequencer, seen in this video and presumably this one as well ?
Or maybe both are the same product? Would be surprised but who knows when it comes to MI-wonder…

Hmm… there’s certainly something interesting coming up here! For sure there is a lot of what seems to be a filter driven to self-oscillation, but maybe that’s not what the demo is trying to showcase. We will see.

Space invader synth?

I think that Frank might have a point with his solder fumes extractor.

:smiley: haha mangez-moi…inhaler-moi

I can’t tell, I’m currently busy designing an ultra low noise high airflow fan…

With a programmer?

Shure. In fact the Programmer for this is already done.


Why for gods sake do you want to put a Programmer in an Eurorack?

Is it Olivier waving at us?

A chair and a beer flying in the air?

Have you never seen the end of Predator? :slight_smile: (clue: wrist control panel with countdown).

so, let’s gather all the clues :

  • flux inhale
  • predator
  • Olivier waving at us
  • chair and beer
  • space invader

it seems quite clear now. The next product is a space predator sitting on a chair, ready to invade us as soon as Olivier performs the beer dance while inhaling some flux fumes.

That is exactly what I have been looking for! Olivier is indeed a genius!

A bit off-topic, but this thread and the video inspired me to take a look into those character displays, and what better place and time is there to present my little project :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile: