Been away awhile;
Still love you guys;
Still love this gear.

My drums sound like this through the drums out jack.

I am using a stereo 1/8 to 1/8. I doubt that that is the problem but would hope it is so.
Before I take it apart and re-solder my joints(everything else works/sounds great) wondering if I should look specifically elsewhere first.

It kind of sounds like somethings leaking.

That does not sound like anything coming from any adapter I know off…

I’m guessing we are talking Anushri, and not Shruthi, right?

Sounds like bleed trough from an oscillator, either via the filter or the amp… I think that there is something in the manual or forum about this, something about a shortcut, or hardware choice that made it that way, and a workaround to remove it, but I can’t for the life of me think of what, or how…

Sounds kinda cool

That the pitch changes makes me wonder whether it isn’t a control signal leaking in to the drums output (unless you had a VCO sequence that played those notes going or previously recorded)

I remember the Anushri having bleed of the drums signal into the main out when no drum sequence was running which was decreased by inserting a patch cable into the drums out, and not completely sure, but maybe the same was true vice versa of bleed from synth into drum out. So maybe first try erasing any sequence data and/or making sure you have cables in both outputs.