Which resistor for 2000mcd leds?

I have a lot of leds but there all 2000mcd! which resitor would you recommend me?
and how many volts are on the board for the leds so i can better find out which better fit.

thx Dalkiel

Look for the forward voltage and required current in the datasheet of your LEDs. The supply voltage is 5V


thank you pichenettes but cannot calculat with this calculator! spiten me 90ohm or 215ohm i am now confused! same like for the low current leds?
3-3.2 Volt, 20mA, 2000mcd and colour no more infos.

I think you’ll only know by testing them. IE, hook them up to a 5v supply.
Its sure to be a lot more than the stock 220 ohm resistors though. Could be 2k to 5k, or more?!

I also think 10k was okay I have so tried and it has not blinded me! if not then I will making white paint on the leds

all leds i’ve bought recently are of the superbright searchlight type. i didn’t really care for the mcd (choice was the color), i’ll just take a big pot, hook them to 5V and measure the best value.
i could run into trouble though, as most of them have also a very narrow angle. so i have to figure out first how i’m going to use them. eg if the panel’s upright i’ll have to stare into them, bad choice.
but if it’s lying in front of my i’d rather look at them from the side, so they have to be brighter. could be i’ll have to change them again if they’re too bad for the eyes, trial and error i guess…

yes i bought some leds for 4€! green, orange, red, blue, purple 500 pieces :slight_smile:

Jug take some fine grit sandpaper & rough em up = Presto, a not so ultrabright -ultrabright LED :wink:

Or you could go with an opaque white case…