Which LCD cover to use with Shruthi metal enclosure?

I’m about to build a Shruthi 4PM into white metal enclosure. I’d like to make it as cool looking as possible and I remember seeing a build that used some sort of film cover on top of the LCD. My english is not that good and I can’t remember the exact term, but it looked really neat. I’d like to hear other suggestions too, preferably with Mouser part numbers.

The LCDs seem to not need the film… at the end of assembly I peel protective the film off.

Yes I know :smiley: That wasn’t exactly what I meant.

I think it was called something like ‘shadow film’ or similar. A plastic cover might be ok too. I assume all of the options require thinner LCD than the one mentioned in BOM.

Are you looking for something like this …?

Here is some nice assembly instructions by t2k on how to get the extra clearance needed to fit it in.

That t2k post was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

If you want to go really cool then use OLED display under the dark display glass. OLEd is thinner, so you don’t any modifications.
4PM should be OLED friendly.

FWIW, the process I describe in the post linked to above should be pretty much painless if you get the same make and model LCD panel.

OLED wil indeed be even easier and should look dead sexy though. :wink:

I had noise issues with the 4PM and an OLED

I use a thin piece of lexan film glued to the underside of the panel for a window. Tough stuff.