Which is the right instrument for me?

I’m sorry if this should be in the wrong category, I didn’t find any other fitting one.

I’m thinking about spending my christmas money on a Shruthi or Ambika (when it is available) and I need some decision help. So far I think Shruthi will be my poison, but perhaps some people here can help me make an informed decision based on these infos:

I don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Shruthi Kit has a very affordable price point, I can’t find any price for Ambika so far.
Monophony is not a bad thing, though more than one instrument at a time would be nice.
My goal is to control as much as possible via MIDI. If possible I’d like to be able to set up songs in such a way that I can either recall a preset right from the song itself via MIDI, or by changing the parameters used, through MIDI CCs in an initialization pattern. Easy preset loading via the built in interface is also OK. There should be a good amount of custom preset space.
I want to use it for 8-Bit-ish chip sounds but also analog-ish synths.
A decent low pass filter should be included.
MIDI Thru would be good but is no must.
Build should be doable for somebody who has soldered before, but is no pro.

As I said I think the Shruthi is probably what I want, but if you find a reason I should go with the Ambika, or if you know what the price points are going to be for different Ambika configurations, I’d be happy if you could chime in.


go for a Shruthi for your first build. You can always get an Ambika later.

Start with a Shruthi - its the Mutable Instruments entry level drug.

Thanks, a Shruthi it will be then. Just out of curiosity: I’ve just read that the Shruthi-1 can be ordered prebuilt in an enclosure. Is that so and for what price?
No worries, I will build the Shruthi myself, but I might want a second one if I find that I want more than one voice, and if the build turns out to be too much of a hassle for me, I might not want to do it again.

There are no Prebuilt Units, although you might cheek the List of Trusted Builders (Sticky Thread here in the Forum) and find someone who will build one for you.

OK good. I shall wait impatiently for the store to return and order a kit and enclosure. Many thanks.

To cut a bit of time you should negotiate with your Builder before and have the Kit delivered directly to him…

Ah no no, I will build the first one myself, just maybe not future ones, depending on how I liked the build process.

If you have never worked with electronics, may I suggest starting with something simple like the Atari punk console. Better to mess up $30 than $200+.