Which Hex to burn?

So I’ve got my mega664 all setup to burn the firmware, but I see a muboot hex and also a shruthi1 hex. I’m guessing I should burn the shruthi1 hex to the flash mem. Using AVR Studio, al ready have all the fuses set, just need to burn the firmware.

muboot is the “update by MIDI” bootloader, shruthi1 is the main firmware. If you know how to burn both at the same time with AVRStudio, burn both ; otherwise, go with the shruthi1_0.91.hex for the moment. Even if you have an AVR programmer, it’s still cool to be able to upgrade a box without putting it apart!

Well I think I got them both on there, can’t test since my PCBs aren’t here yet, but figured I’d get the chip ready since burning them always seems to be a pain.